Did You Know That The Coastal Climate Can Cause Rust On Your Pipes?

Did You Know That The Coastal Climate Can Cause Rust On Your Pipes?

It is something you might not think about on a daily or even yearly basis living in a coastal climate, but living off the coast of the Pacific Ocean can have its ups and downs, especially on your plumbing.

If your pipes are not properly protected with corrosion inhibitors or are out in the open, they can accrue rust from the coastal climate’s breaking waves.

When a wave breaks on the land and shore or in open water, there is a spray of seawater that is thrust into the air. The tiniest of droplets then quickly evaporate leaving behind small salt crystals, which are then carried by the winds and collected on surfaces like cars, homes and even pipes.

After the salt crystals are combined with water and oxygen, it can start and increase the oxidation process. Homes that have older pipes can be oxidized even quicker.

If your pipes are starting to rust because of the constant oxidation from the salt crystals then it is imperative that you have them repaired or replaced in order to prevent rusty pipes. Rusty pipes can be hazardous to your drinking water, corrode your water heaters, and cause leakages which could damage your home.

Finding the right professional plumber to assess your pipes and the rust that might have gathered is important.

At Mike Testa Plumbing, we repair rusty pipes within your plumbing system damaged from living in a coastal climate, in order to restore proper functionality.

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