Things You Should Never Try to Flush

Flushing Toilet For some people, their toilet has become their trash can, and that’s not good. You see, toilets are designed to get rid of urine and poop and toilet paper. Anything else should not be flushed. Still, you’d be surprised at what gets flushed, which usually ends up resulting in a call to a professional plumber saying, “Help! My toilet isn’t working properly.”


Resist the urge to use your toilet as a water-filled wastebasket, please. Things you use in the bathroom, like cotton balls, cotton swabs, facial tissue, and bandages don’t belong in your toilet. Even cleaning wipes, which might be labelled as “safe to flush” could end up clogging the thing– not good.


Do you have a baby in the house? Don’t flush their disposable diapers. Are there ladies in the home or office? If so, tampons and tampon applicators, along with sanitary napkins or mini/maxi pads, should be thrown in a wastebasket rather than flushed. As for men, if you’ve used condoms during your intimate times, don’t flush ‘em. And, finally, if you have pet, their “business” should be in your yard or end up in a trash can– not the toilet. Some cat owners, for instance, think nothing of putting dirty cat litter down their drains, but it doesn’t belong there.


You’d be surprised at some of the fluids people try to flush: automotive fluids, hazardous waste, paint, solvents, sealants and paint thinners are just some examples that can wreak havoc with your toilet and pipes.


Finally, don’t flush grease or medications.


If you have flushed stuff on the “do not flush” list, and your toilet isn’t working properly, call Mike Testa Plumbing in San Rafael, CA, at 415-479-0110 or email Appointment hours are scheduled Mondays through Saturdays between 7:30am and 4pm.


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