Lower Your Water Bills With Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Lower Your Water Bills With Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

Regardless if you have an older home or are building new, when it comes to saving money most homeowners are always looking for new ways to save a buck.

This is especially true when discussing the ways to save money on utility bills. In most cases as a homeowner you want to get the best energy efficiency possible, which in turn can help your wallet and even the environment.

Not overlooking your water bill as one of the major utilities you must pay to keep your house running, there are a few things you can have installed to help in the conservation and water consumption.

Use Water-Efficient Plumbing Products Certified From The WaterSense Program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) partners with a program called WaterSense. WaterSense helps consumers save water by labeling products and serving tips on how to save water.

These water-efficient plumbing products and fixtures pass the WaterSense certification once they are shown to not only work properly but also save and conserve at least 20 percent more water than their counterparts.

Bathroom faucets, showerheads, and irrigation controllers are just a few of the plumbing fixtures that can save consumers on their utility bills.

You can explore more WaterSense labeled products here.

With WaterSense products, if you take a hot shower after a long day at work, you will consume less water. In turn, this lets you use less of the hot water heater, saving money on your gas bill every month as well, ultimately saving on two bills with one water-efficient plumbing fixture.

And you save more than just on your water bill and energy bills. You’re making the world a better place staying efficient using less water.

At Mike Testa Plumbing, we take pride in helping you choose the right fixtures to help you save on your bills. Whether you are building a new home or business space, you want the best plumbing fixtures for your money.

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