Why Your Water Heater Might Need Repairs

Why Your Water Heater Might Need Repairs

Water heaters are something that can cost you a lot of money if they are not working properly or are beyond their recommended lifespan.

Are you having issues with the water heater in your home?

If you are, there are many signs to be aware of that might help with finding common repairs to fix your current or upcoming water heater issues.

Here are a few signs to look out for when having water heater problems:

Do You See Dripping Water?

Dripping water means you should have it checked by a professional right away, as you do not want to wait for the leak to become a flow or emergency.

Have Rusty Connection Pipes?

When you go into the house you should always check for water pressure, but you should also look at the water color.  If the water is clear then it’s good, but if it looks brown, then it’s likely that the pipes on the water heater are corroded and rusty.

Water turning on and off in your home can loosen the rust along the pipes’ inner walls and release that rust into your water supply.

Was Your Water Heater Installed Correctly?

If the water heater wasn’t properly installed then that could be the first issue that needs to be addressed. This is where a professional plumber can come in and establish if the installation is correct.

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