Leak Detection Systems

Leak Detection Systems (LDS) What Are They and Do You Need One?

Did you know that one in twenty homes will have over $10,000 in damages from plumbing leaks this year? According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2017, 56.5 billion dollars in water damages occurred because of leaks in homes. Aside from the financial burden, water damage can result in mold growth in your home and can cause a host of health problems to you and your family.

Fortunately, with the installation of an LDS, avoiding water damage is possible. Leak detection systems monitor how much water passes through your pipes and will shut off the water flow when noticing irregularities.

How Does A Leak Detection System Work?

As mentioned before, leak detection systems monitor how much water goes through your home’s pipes. When unusual water flow is detected, the system will shut off the water supply to your entire home. Installations should be at the main point of entry to the home. Ensuring the whole house is protected when the water shuts off. If you forgot to stop filling your bubble bath, the toilet keeps running, or a significant pipe bursts behind a wall, the system will quickly calculate the high water usage and shut the flow down. Leak detection systems are customizable by smartphone (using an app), so you can get alerts when unusual water consumption is detected, or you can turn the water flow off altogether if you’re on vacation or at work.

In California, we don’t have the issue of freezing pipes that often, but when it happens, the LDS will notify you that your pipes are in danger of freezing, and when pipes freeze, the water inside them expands and can cause cracks or bursts.

If you have been considering installing a leak detection system, our technicians can advise you on the best options for your home and wallet.