Seismic Gas Shut Off Valve

Seismic Shut Off Valve: What Are They and Do You Need One?

Seismic shut off valves (earthquake valves) are devices that ensure you don’t experience a gas fire after an earthquake. Although they are simple, they are very effective in preventing fire accidents after earthquakes or event impacts. Mike Testa Plumbings technicians install shut-off valves to manufacturers’ specifications to ensure safety and trouble-free use.

Seismic valves are simple in design but are very dependable. When the valve encounters a 5.4 or higher magnitude earthquake, a valve float is released, blocking the line and preventing gas from going into the structure. Seismic valves are tested and certified by the factory before being shipped.

All seismic valves in California must be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor in line with manufacturers’ instructions. PG&E does not install seismic shut-off valves nor will recommend any contractor for installation.

What Types Are There?

Earthquake valves come in sizes from 3/4″ up to 8″ and pressure classes from 7psig to 60psig; Also sold in multiple orientations. We recommend the best option for your particular needs following the local Department of Buildings and Safety requirements.

Do You Need An Earthquake Valve?

The Bay Area and North Bay Area are under constant earthquake threat. The damage earthquakes cause is terrible, and the fires that often happen after earthquakes can destroy entire neighborhoods. Installing a seismic gas shut-off valve can prevent fires and give you a little peace of mind.