Toilet Repair/Replace

Believe it or not, the toilet has lots of parts, and sometimes they wear out, break, or need adjusting. We will talk a little about the most common toilet repair problems.

Wax Ring: This is the seal that sits between the bottom of your toilet bowl and your floor. Wax rings are the most common leak culprits.

Tank To Bowl Gasket: As the name implies, this gasket sits between the tank where the water sits and the bowl where the flushing happens. It’s not the most common leak, but if you find water on your floor, you should check here before changing your wax ring.

The Flapper Seal: Going up and into the tank, the flapper seal keeps the water in the tank until you flush. If you hear water filling the tank up even when you haven’t flushed, the flapper seal could be an excellent place to start.

Flush Valve: A flush valve inside the toilet tank moves the water into the bowl when you flush. If you can hear trickling, notice the tank takes a long time to refill, or the toilet is constantly running; the flush valve could be your problem.

Fill Valve: The fill valve is another problem that manifests itself when the toilet is constantly running or when your flush is weak.

As you can see, the toilet is a pretty complicated thing with many moving parts (and we didn’t even cover them all). If you encounter any of the toile repairs mentioned above or another issue not listed, we can inspect and give you some options on how to proceed.

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